GOYO Voice Separator is an audio plugin that separates your audio into three channels (Ambience, Voice, Voice Reverb), giving you full control over the balance between your voice and all the rest.

Global Controls

Mono/Stereo Modes

Mono Mode processes the left and right channels of the incoming audio together and outputs a mono signal.

Stereo Mode processes the left and right channels of the incoming audio separately and outputs a stereo signal.

Depending on the nature of the audio you are working with, Mono Mode may result in a more natural sounding voice, while Stereo Mode may be better at preserving the spatiality of the audio.

Stereo Mode uses substantially more CPU resources than Mono Mode.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode lets you toggle between your original incoming audio signal and the audio signal processed by GOYO.


The Undo/Redo buttons lets you revert or recover your latest edits to various controls.

Plugin Menu

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Channel Controls

Each Channel (Ambience, Voice, Voice Reverb) is supplied with channel-specific controls.

Solo Button

Solo Mode allows you to listen to a specific channel. (Solo multiple channels with Cmd/Ctrl + Click)

Mute Button

Mute Mode mutes the audio on a specific channel.

Gain Knob

The Gain Knob is used to set the gain for a specific channel. Gain values range from -60dB (-inf dB) to +12dB.

Gain Indicator

The Gain Indicator shows the current gain value for a specific channel. Double-click to enter a value directly.

FFT Graph

A Traditional FFT Graph for each specific channel.

Clip Indication

When the audio signal for a specific channel is clipping, the FFT Graph and Gain Knob will flash in red color.

Plugin Menu


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Update Notification

When there is a newer version of GOYO, a link to download the updated installer will appear.

How to Use

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